novembre 2015

seal of excellence-02

VR STAR® received the prestigious reward “Seal of excellence” recognized by the European Commission.

Thanks to the hard work of Illogic team, our application VR STAR® the 3D virtual-reality immersive training system for maintenance and safety of critical plants and infrastructures was judged as A HIGHLY COMPETITIVE EVALUATION PROCESS* AS AN INNOVATIVE PROJECT PROPOSAL , by an international panel of independent experts.

This prestigious reward is a quality label, awarded to project proposals submitted for funding under Horizon 2020, which succeeded in passing all of the stringent selection and award criteria but could not be funded under the available Call budget. The ‘Seal’ identifies, therefore, promising project proposals which merit funding from alternative sources (public or private), i.e. national, regional, European or international.

Here the certificate.

Global startupTomorrow Illogic will attend at the Global Startup Expo 2015.

 The Global Startup Expo is the first on-line fair in the world dedicated to Startups. With an interactive platform, the fair is an innovative experience where attendees can explore new technologies, connect with investors, learn about incubators and crowdfunding possibilities while networking with peers, professionals, and press!
We will be there until 20 November!​
​For visit it, click the link