Augmented Reality

Enrich your perception.

Using Augmented Reality human sensory perception can be enriched by data and information electronically controlled.

“3D Augmented Reality” (AR) systems are cutting-edge technologies that enable effective industrial solutions.

They allow the creation of applications which manage information layers made of 3D assets enriched with:

  • Images
  • Charts
  • Videos
  • Instructional contents
  • Step-by-step directions
  • Real-time sensors information


Augmented Reality systems can be applied to industrial plants, design products as well as in many other fields (Medicine, Research, Communication, etc.), in order to make the explored reality detailed and accurate: from information about the overall dimensions of objects in big and small locations, to information beyond provided in the operator’s manual.

With Augmented reality technology, additional information are displayed on a mobile support, directly over the virtual image, of what the operator is looking at or can be reached through special wearable devices, such as helmet, which provides both visualization of added layers by the use of special visors and remote step-by-step assistance (Mixed Reality).

Operators have access to valuable information and are supported in activities and task completion e.g. maintenance & repair and operation (MRO).

Augmented Reality helps people to see beyond physical real-world by an informative layer integrated: evidence of how 3D technologies may improve people understanding and management decision-making.

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