Virtual Reality

Virtual makes reality unlimited

“3D Virtual Reality” (VR) is a software technology that enables to create a virtual tridimensional photo-realistic copy of a real environment, such as buildings, industrial plants or equipment.

Using specific devices, it is possible to enter in these virtual environments.

Users can execute in real time all the actions that they can perform in the real world, simulating the functioning of different equipment and processes.


Virtual reality is a means of management of processes solutions that could be useful, unexpected and new even without using Virtual Reality Interfaces.

Virtual Reality solutions simulate any scenario without physically being there.

3D solutions can help organizations to solve problems in advance, (re)creating environments with a photo-realistic quality, exploring situations and find solutions before events occurs (every time your company needs to find how to resolve an issue and which people are needed to do it). Our main experience in the field concerns to MANUFACTURING and PROCESS INDUSTRY, where this technology get a huge application in TRAINING and MAINTENANCE OPERATIONS.

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