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The 2nd edition of VR Expo, organized by the Virtual Dimension Center (VDC) will be held in the ARENA 2036 which is not only special because of its industrial character and its focus on future developments but also because it´s located on the campus of the University of Stuttgart. This offers visitors the opportunity to test large-scale VR installations and take a look inside at VR labs.

Illogic, VDC partner,  will show its ultimate projects and research developments on Virtual, Augmented and Assisted Reality: for the occasion, we’ll set up a demo-area where guests can test the usability of our solutions by the use of handling and wearable devices (MS Hololens, HTC Vive, …).

Come on and join us in the ARENA 2036,  booth D1!

Within the RWTH use case the A4BLUE solution will be applied to enhance the assembly of electric vehicle prototypes. During complex operations like the assembly of the safety critical brake pedal and the rear light, the worker will be assisted with augmented reality for on-the-job-guidance.

This will be designed to improve the quality of work, reduce the training time needed for new employees, and achieve a high level of usability as this is essential for worker acceptance of the AR-solution.


Competence CenterThe project lead by the Polytechnic of Turin is the first in the ministerial ranking.

Turin is going to have a leading Competence Center on the Industry 4.0. Its role will be to support SMEs in innovative projects aimed to the creation of new products, processes or services thanks to advanced technologies in the field of Industry 4.0.

The Ministry of Economic Development has drawn up a statistics whose results are evident: the project lead by the Polytechnic of Turin is at the first place of the ranking. Thanks to its 9 points obtained, the plan drawn up in Turin has been selected as the best, even compared to those lead by the Polytechnic of Milan, the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna and the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa.

The University and the Polytechnic of Turin have worked on this project, titled “Manufacturing 4.0with the support of 27 companies, that submitted an expression of interest. Illogic is among these companies.

The forthcoming Turin center will be focused on the advanced manufacturing and therefore on new technologies, based mainly on the capillary introduction of digital innovation along the whole chain of production processes, combined with new economic models, a new organization of work and new internal and external company social relationships.

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Watch the video of our first use case scenario! For the Airbus scenario, A4BLUE will provide a fully traceable quality process improvement for a specific set of assembly personnel including operators, quality supervisors, manufacturing engineers, and process planners. This will be done by introducing a new intelligent system for bolt tightening in hydraulic assembly, involving a Smart Torque Wrench (jointly developed between Airbus and SamOutillage) connected with an Augmented Reality Device (Hololens). Watch the video here:

SMART-DH takes advantage of the results of project CADMOS and ontology Drammar (Persistent URL: http://purl.org/drammar, human-readable documentation http://www.cirma.unito.it/drammar/drammarLODE/), developed by CIRMA.



The Competence Center will make it possible to implement a wide programme of activities related to innovative manufacturing processes (e.g. Additive Manufacturing, Laser-based Manufacturing, World Class Manufacturing), considering the aspects linked to the development of new technologies, new materials, use of ICT technologies (e.g. IoT, Big Data), energy efficiency and the development of new business models. In particular, the Competence Center will provide guidance and training services to companies, especially SMEs, and services for the implementation of innovation projects, industrial research and experimental development.

On adhering to the Competence Center, the selected companies will contribute to creating the demonstration production lines, based on the application of new technologies and new manufacturing methods, according to the objectives of the National Industry Plan 4.0. The illustrative production lines will be situated in the Competence Center and will be available for experimentation of new technologies and for personnel training.

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A partire dal 16 Aprile 2018 ILLOGIC ha ottenuto la certificazione di Qualità ISO 9001:2015



Hannover Messe 2018

HANNOVER MESSE, the world’s leading Trade Fair for industrial Technology, will take place from 23th to 27 April in its historical location and we’ll be there, in the Digital Factory pavilion, an area where start-up and majors from Industry 4.0 trade, are collected to offer a thorough oversight on Digital Innovation.

Illogic will show its ultimate projects and research developments on Virtual, Augmented and Assisted Reality: for the occasion, we’ll set up a demo-area where guests can test the usability of our solutions by the use of handling and wearable devices (MS Hololens, HTC Vive, …).

Come on and join us in the hall 6, stand K47!

Hannover 2018

A4BLUE_cover_portfolioPartners are working hard to develop new adaptive workplaces that respond to workers’ profiles and to the changing manufacturing environment. Therefore, The A4BLUE innovations will allow safe human-machine interaction while ensuring efficient execution of tasks. Furthermore, workers will benefit from personalized assistance which will support them to perform manufacturing tasks and training activities through virtual/augmented reality and collaborative knowledge sharing platforms.

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A&T - 2018

Vi aspettiamo dal 18 al 20 Aprile alla Fiera A&T – Stand D33 – presso Oval Lingotto di Torino per presentarvi le soluzioni tecnologiche di Illogic per l’impresa 4.0

A&T,  Automation & Testing è la fiera che riunisce il meglio dell’automazione robotizzata e della metrologia e offre una panoramica completa sulla quarta rivoluzione industriale.

Nuove tecnologie, soluzioni innovative, casi applicativi di successo, una vera Smart Factory in azione e un ricco programma di eventi caratterizzeranno questa edizione.

We wait for you from 18th to 20th April at the A & T Fair – Stand D33 – at Oval Lingotto in Turin to present Illogic’s technological solutions for the 4.0 Industry.

A&T Automation and Testing  is the exhibition that gathers the best of robotic process automation and metrology, offering a comprehensive overview  on The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

New technologies, cutting edge solutions, successful case histories, a real Smart Factory at work and a plentiful schedule of events characterize this edition.