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Vi aspettiamo a partire da domani fino al 5 maggio presso il nostro stand!

We wait for you starting from tomorrow until May 5th in our boot!


A large-scale topic for the 7th edition of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), the annual rendez-vous addressed by the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, where for the 2017 edition will be called together respected businessmen, institutions and politicians, to discuss under the theme “Achieving a New Balance on the Global Stage”.  As in the past editions, SPIEF will provide a unique platform for an open and frank dialogue among world leaders in search of mutually beneficial solutions and responses to the most pressing challenges facing the Russian, regional, and global economies.

Since the years, Illogic operates in Russia in cooperation with the homologous Intelligent Ideas, working on the implementation of business solutions based on Virtual and Augmented Reality, especially dedicated to the process industry, a field where both private and governmental Russian enterprises are particularly  attentive, always looking for forefront technologies.

This is the framework where the Enterprises Founder Fabio Massimo Cacciatori will intervene, in occasion of the round table “The retail realities of Augmented Reality”, part of the review Embracing Tech Disruptors, reporting the trends that Illogic and Intelligent Ideas are experiencing through the proposition of  Augmented Reality solutions for enhance the effectiveness of business processes.

How are big consumer and luxury brands pioneering augmented reality advertising strategies? And how will this change expectations and demands for retailers all over the world? The session will discuss how global market is investing on the immediate implementation of augmented reality in business applications, ranging into different sectors (healthcare, space, manufacturing,  logistics, education…).

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 E’ tratto da un’inchiesta realizzata da Milano Finanza  e pubblicata qualche giorno fa, l’elenco delle imprese italiane presenti nel registro di Unioncamere e operanti in settori ad alto tenore innovativo a cui, a partire dalla definizione sancita nell’abito del patto di stabilità 2017, è stato attribuito il riconoscimento di PMI Innovativa sulla base di specifici requisiti.

Nell’elenco delle prime 180 società sulle oltre 500 che hanno ottenuto il riconoscimento, troviamo anche e.MAGINE e Illogic, in un ordinamento per fatturato che fa riferimento a dati risalenti al 2016, mentre l’incremento di crescita che entrambe le società stanno vivendo ci porta a prevedere di trovarle tra i primi posti già entro la fine dell’anno in corso.

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Is taken from a few days ago inquiry of the daily newspaper Milano Finanza, the list of the Italian enterprises operating in high-innovation fields and registered in Unioncamere which have achieved the recognition of PMI Innovativa on the basis of specific requirements, as established by the Stability Pact 2017.

The list reports the first 180 companies among over 500 in order of revenues and here we find e.MAGINE and Illogic, with an income rating referring to the 2016, while the current increase of growth for both companies leads us to the expectation of being in the first positions as early as at the end of 2017.

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A&T, acronimo di “Affidabilità e Tecnologia” è giunta alla sua decima edizione, diventando il punto di riferimento in Italia, nella diffusione dell’innovazione digitale nell’industria manifatturiera e, in particolare per questa edizione, nella promozione della trasformazione 4.0 per piccole e grandi imprese.

Illogic incontrerà buyers e operatori nello stand H38, dove sarà possibile esplorare i nostri avanzamenti su Realtà Virtuale, Realtà Aumentata e Realtà Assistita.

A&T, the acronym of (alias Reliability and Technology) is arrived at its tenth edition as the referral fair, in Italy, to widespread technological innovation in manufacturer industry and, specifically in this edition, for promoting 4.0 transformation from small to bigger companies.  

Illogic will meet buyers and operators in its stand at number H38 and will perform the advancement in Virtual, Augmented Reality and Assisted Reality.


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It is the first edition for the Global Manufacturing Industrialisation Summit (GMIS) and is going to cover a relevant role in the next global developments of process industry.

The Summit will take place along 27-30 March, 2017 in the Paris-Sorbonne University Venue of Abu-Dhabi, with the support of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) Ministry of Economy and UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation) and will place as a true institutional rendez-vous, with the will to give voice in the matter to Heads of State, Ministers, Policy Makers and Executives from over 2.000 Companies worldwide.

GMIS will be enriched of an exhibition area and a dense programme of events, including the The 4iR Corridor, an exhibit occasion offered to a small group of worthy Startups and SME which have passed the concept level in innovative projects, with also a final prize.

Illogic will compete at the 4iR Corridor Showcase in the VR and AR area with a VR-Star® demo, featuring Hololens™ and an Assisted Reality case.

Follow our live updates in the dates!

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